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The user information provided during the membership phase of our web address shall not be disclosed to third parties except for the purpose and scope determined by the Terms and Conditions of Use.


Our users who use our services request to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect their intellectual property rights in their projects. Render724 meets these demands quite fairly. We take all necessary precautions by giving importance to information privacy.
Please download the Non-Disclosure Agreement Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form, fill out your information and send it to us via e-mail support@render724.com.


2.1. Credit Card Security

It uses the most advanced security systems to ensure that our users are securely able to shop comfortably. Thanks to the 128 bit SSL in our system, your credit card information is protected from the eyes and interference of third parties.All information exchange at the entire stage of the order process is under SSL assurance and all data flows are encrypted. This is a non-breaking encryption that is practically impossible to break.Thanks to the SSL security protocol, your credit card information that you provide to our site is encrypted and sent to the bank, and it is not possible for us to access this information even during this process. No user's credit card information is stored in our database. For this reason, you need to re-enter your card details for your own credit card security during each order creation.

2.2. Cookies

Our company can obtain information about users who visit our web address and users ' use of the website using a technical communication file (cookie). The technical communication files that are mentioned are small text files that a Web site sends to the user's browser (browser) to be stored in the main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing the status and preferences about the site.

The technical contact file allows you to obtain statistical information about how many people have visited the site, how many times a person visited the site, and how much they were staying on the site, and the user pages that were specially designed for users It helps generate ads and content dynamically. The technical communication file is not intended to receive data or any other personal information from your main memory or email. Many browsers are designed to accept the technical communication file at first, but if the users wish to do so, the technical communication files do not appear, or if the technical communication file is sent, the settings will be notified Can change.

Render724 may amend the provisions of this privacy and security policy at any time by publishing them on the site or by sending or posting e-mail to users on the site. If the provisions of the privacy and security policy are changed, they will prevail on the date of publication.