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Exciting opportunity alert! Now you can complete your projects quickly and efficiently. Create your account now and try our Render Farm service risk-free with 10 free render credits. With your free render credits, you can use the servers without any limitations for up to 10 hours.

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The pricing for Render Farm is simply $1 per Server Hour

The cost of Render Farm service is determined by the price set for each server's hourly usage. This pricing depends on the server's computational power and the duration of usage. Technically, a calculation of $0.007 per GHz is used for CPU render engines. This calculation is determined by factors such as the number of processors, processor frequency, and GHz multiplier of the servers. Although Render Farm possesses servers of different capacities, our intelligent software conducts a credit consumption calculation that is proportionate to server performance.


Purchase more credits, enjoy unlimited lifetime usage

After your free render credits are depleted, you can continue to benefit from the Render Farm service by purchasing a minimum of $10 worth of credits. However, to take advantage of discounts, you need to purchase a minimum of 100 credits or more. As your purchase amount increases, so does the discount rate you'll receive. We recommend purchasing the required credits for your rendering tasks in one go to benefit from discounts of up to 50%.

100 95$ 5% 5$
250 225$ 10% 25$
500 400$ 20% 100$
1000 700$ 30% 300$
2500 1500$ 40% 1000$
5000 2500$ 50% 2500$


We support students and educators for the advancement of the 3D industry

Supporting students and educators in advancing the 3D industry is one of our priorities. With our special resources and opportunities, we aim to increase interest and knowledge in 3D technologies.
We provide our students and educators with exclusive discounts of up to 50% and scholarships to make their education more accessible. Additionally, we offer free educational materials, software, and resources to help students develop their skills and maximize their potential. Moreover, we support students in gaining industry experience and preparing for their future careers through collaborations and internship opportunities.
By encouraging participation in community events, we enable students and educators to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry. In this way, we strive to contribute to the future of the 3D industry and support a broader community.
To benefit from our educational support, simply send an email to support@render724.com with your registration document for the current academic year (or the date that indicates the current academic period/year) and your username.

As a student, you will get a discount of 50% on your purchases for educational projects.
Just send an e-mail with your certificate of enrollment of the current year (which shows the date of the academic term/year) and your user name to support@render724.com
Read our Services Agreement for further details about this discount.


Rent Unlimited Render Servers

The Unlimited Rental Service allows you to rent your own physical machines on our render farm, with setup, software, and technical support all provided by us. This service is the perfect solution for users who will be submitting an unlimited number of rendering tasks for a specific period. Once purchased, you will have instant access to your reserved machines. Make an online reservation to purchase the rental service.


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