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40 cores
Render Server

CinebenchR15 : 2100

Dual Xeon 2660 v2
@2,50 GHz (Turbo)


48 cores
Render Server

CinebenchR15 : 2800

Dual Xeon 2670 v3
@2,50 GHz (Turbo)


56 cores
Render Server

CinebenchR15 : 3200

Dual Xeon 2683 v3
@3,00 GHz (Turbo)


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It is a cloud server rental service that is pricing based on the reservation period. The pricing method depends on the reservation time and the number of reserved servers. Render credits are hold in passive mode when the reservation is active. After the reservation ends, the render credits are automatically activated in order not to suspend the render jobs that are active and waiting in the queue.

If you haven't made a reservation for the future, you can get started to use the rented render servers using our Render724 Remote Controller software right now. Our automation system will enable you to use the cloud render servers with the sustainable job management.

Yes, you can manage your scenes by connecting to a computer with a high-speed internet connection with a remote access. It is an ideal service alternative for data transfer intensive use. It is an ideal service alternative for the big data transfers. For more information, please contact our team at support@render724.com